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Cris Wijnen

Page history last edited by cris.wijnen@wur.nl 4 years, 7 months ago

Project title:

Powerful genetic resources for studying the genetic basis of complex traits in plants



The recent development of chromosome substitution lines through repression of recombination and haploid induction in Arabidopsis hybrids implies a major step forward in unravelling complex trait variation. The derived homozygous lines contain a combination of the intact chromosomes present in the founding parents. In Arabidopsis with five chromosomes, a complete chromosome substitution library consists of 2^5 = 32 lines. The distinguishing advantage of these genetically simple, completely balanced chromosome substitution libraries is that they offer a design in which all possible contrasting sets of genotypes can be assessed for any kind of genetic effect, like epistasis, GxE, and epigenetics.


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