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Rooijen, Roxanne van

Page history last edited by roxanne.vanrooijen@wur.nl 6 years, 5 months ago

The title of my project is: Genetic variation in Arabidopsis thaliana of photosynthesis parameters in response to abiotic stress.

The project aims to find genes that are under natural selection for photosynthesis response to stress factors.

For this we analyse photosynthetic phenotypes of genetically diverse Arabidopsis populations. We quantify different photosynthesis parameters using chlorophyll fluorescence, and then we try to associate these phenotypic values with genetic polymorphisms. For one population we have 350 genetically different Arabidopsis accesssions all genotyped for 250.000 genetic markers, which we phenotyped for several photosynthesis responses. This leads to huge databases, which is why I registered for this course to see if I can learn techniques to deal with those databases as efficiently as possible.

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