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L F  Schulte Uebbing

Page history last edited by lena.schulte-uebbing@wur.nl 6 years ago

Hello everyone,


my name is Lena and I'm in the first year of my PhD at the Environmental Systems Analysis Group. Broadly, my PhD looks at nitrogen losses from the food chain and how different mitigation strategies can reduce those losses and the associated environmental impacts.

For my first paper, I am doing a meta-analysis on the impact of nitrogen deposition on carbon sequestration in forests. This means I am:

1) Collecting published studies on fertilizer experiments in forests,

2) Extracting data from these papers and puttig them into a database,

3) Performing statistical analysis to calculate the effect size and distinguish factors driving the response (e.g. climate, tree species etc).


In the later stages of my PhD I will also work with empirical models.




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