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Pedde Simona

Page history last edited by simona.pedde@wur.nl 5 years, 9 months ago

PhD candidate at Soil Geography and Landscape Group


PhD Project: Developing multiscale participatory scenario for high-end climate change in Europe.

My project is embedded in a large EU project called IMPRESSIONS which aims to support decision-makers though the co-production of innovative and effective policy strategy in social, economic and environmental sectors based on vulnerabilities associated with high-end scenarios. I will contribute to this project by co-developing multi-scale multi-sectoral scenarios for high-end socio-economic scenarios. My goal is to enhance credibility of participatory approaches, to analyse cross-scale consistencies and evaluate on a possible cross-scale framework. For the first goal I will apply and further develop the Fuzzy Set Theory method to all case -studies. In order to achieve the second objective a flexible design will characterise the development of all scenarios. Common features and results will be analysed leading to the evaluation of a possible framework.



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